Independent inspections

We pay our special attention to arrangements of surveys prior our customers’ shipments start moving. We have extensive experience in working with recognized leaders in this field that gives us ability to arrange for inspections fast wherever the cargo or the carrier is located. 

During the survey an independent surveyor makes a conclusion about actual cargo condition and assesses possible risks along the dispatch. The dimensions are taken, the inspection of cargo and transport is done before cargo loading, inspection of warehouse facilities and conditions of warehousing is carried out, the survey of loading and establishing of reasons and the extent of possible damages are done, the estimation of responsibilities by parties for the damage is performed, as well as the amount of damage caused is estimated.

Examination process is one of the main tasks. While assessing the conditions of the cargo our surveyor issues signed certificate which ascertains that the cargo is properly packed, loaded and affixed in accordance with current International and National legislation and would not be damaged and would not make any harm to the carrier during the dispatch. The cargo itself and loading procedure is photographed, photos are included into the survey act.

Thus the survey act is the document the helps to avoid unforced losses after insured accidents, helps to settle claims arising from these accidents. Information provided by the surveyor helps not only to estimate the damage amount but also to identify the cause and in some cases circumstances of damage. 

Survey act is the instrument by means of which the Client is able to have the background for his position in case of any arguable situations with partners or insurance companies concerning the estimation of losses caused and the responsibilities by parties involved.