Transafe Logistics LLC is a specialized provider of logistic services for oil, gas, mining and coal-concentrating industries. We provide wide range of services, primarily arrangements for import deliveries of equipment, spare parts, components and consumables for enterprises of industries mentioned.
Following services are rendered:

We use longstanding working experience and cooperation with suppliers and consumers of import equipment; it helps us to better understand customer’s requirements and provide higher level of transport and logistic services taking into account a specific nature of the industry.
Majority of our customers are oil and gas and mining enterprises, coal-concentrating factories, foreign and Russian suppliers of equipment, component parts and consumables.
Many of our projects imply transportation of oversized and overweight shipments, which require special engineering solutions and unique conditions of transportation.
We focus our special attention on the process of project shipments’ consolidation, inventory and export packing prior to the dispatch to the ultimate consignee. This approach ensures safety of shipments we dispatch, proper documentary handling, as well as comfortable acceptance procedure by the ultimate consignee and further assembling and balancing and commissioning of the delivered equipment. This feature is especially appreciated by our customers, particularly in projects consisting of vast number of equipment, spare parts and components.